For Lindi

- by Mulkanus

How is it that things change so much?

That one such as I, alone, content to be so, am not?

She came out of nowhere. An orphan like me. A young druidess in need of a confidant, a mentor, a shield from her enemies as she learned her strength. So I went. And so I was caught...

I roamed as a cat, seeking an intriguing scent, wondering where it came from. I come over a rise and there she sits, smiling, quiet in the morning sun. Her scent.

I felt always the touch of her fingers on mine. For hours after I would depart, still the soft impression in my fur remained....

The very feel of her spirit intoxicated, enraptured. I found myself missing her, like one gone too long without food was my feeling when I was without her. Her voice, the wind in my fur as I run. Her smile, water for which my thirst cannot be quenched.

I caress her face as she sleeps; I've been gone too much lately. And while it is necessary at times, I feel the lack, the longing, the ache.

Soon, I hope, Lindi. I think to myself. My time to rest is coming soon.

Time to start working on the house in Mojache. We need a place of our own, one quieter than the city, where we may raise our young in peace, and in the wondrous forests and glades of Feralas.

*chuckles quietly*

I have changed because of her. And it is for the better.

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