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Eviction Notice
Faction Alliance
Guild Type PvE
RP Level Light
Size 135+
Guild Master Purloin
Contacts Gospel, Alech, Dasri
Website Link

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Guild Manifesto[]

Eviction Notice is a guild designed to help level characters and get us to where we want to be, game-wise. After characters have achieved whatever goals they have in mind, they are free to progress to raiding guilds, or RP guilds, wherever they see fit.

Eviction Notice is very much RP-Friendly, and we have several prominent RPers, but we don't have a RP identity.

Guild Status: Active Recruitment: Active

We are currently recruiting characters Level 60+ with the hope of poking around in Karazhan as a guild before the expansion hits. However, all levels will be considered. Please contact Purloin in-game with questions, or visit our website.

Current Eviction Notice Stories Archived[]

The Guild Formerly Known as Level Up[]

In 2006, Level Up was forced by GM intervention to rename itself to Eviction Notice, since "Level Up" didn't seem to ascribe to the server's roleplay compatibility naming policy.