Earthen Ring Wiki

Name: Ershkigal Faroda
In Game: Ershkigal
Nickname: none

Guild: Storm Earth and Fire
Title: Blood Rose

Race: Undetermined
Class: Warlock
Sex: Female
Hair: dark purple
Eyes: blue previously, red now
Height: 5'7"

Alignment: Neutral Evil


Served as a mage in the Kirin Tor from a young age, she spent years as a mentor to her 2 younger sisters; Lothorial, and Armenial.

After the fall of Dalaran in the Third War she was sacrificed and became unresponsive to necromancy. She was later risen via demonic posession and gained the title Blood Rose.

She worked alone for a time until she befriended Sylvannas sometime shortly before WoW began.

Her alignment remains unclear, her hatred for most of the Horde and all of the Alliance isolates her as a pessimistic loner.

Her goals and ideals remain shrouded in mystery and reserves loyalty to no one but herself.