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Echelon Militia
Faction Alliance
Guild Type Roleplaying
RP Level Heavy
Size 30
Guild Master Phryea Kenseo
Contacts Phryea, Alastyr, Nanaive, Brandis, Evra, Maynerde, Sarina.
Website Link

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Name of Guild: Echelon Militia

Website: (Forums is up, but the actual website is coming soon)

Guild Master: Phryea Kenseo-Choi

Contact: Phryea, Alastyr, Jenararae

Level of RP: Light to Heavy. our upcoming events will vary in RP flavor to please those that wish to attend what fits them.

RP "Newbie"-Friendly: Yes, as long as they are willing to learn. We are constructing RP tutorials on our forums for those that never had an RP session before.

Requirements/info: If you love to RP, or wish to learn, you are welcome here. We are a brand new guild, and we're creating as many guild amenities as possible to establish ourselves as a solid, structured, RP guild. More information is on our forums site.

IC, Phryea of Echelon Militia has uncovered artifacts that Arthas might be trying to make another invasion. These series of events will play out all the way to the WotLK Expansion. the encounters of other players and guilds are left completely open. Feel free to jump in at any time.