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What Is This?

Earthen Ring is a player-versus-environment roleplaying (PvE-RP) server in the MMORPG World of Warcraft. This wiki is used for storing roleplay and IC information regarding characters, guilds, and locations, art, and player-written stories created by Earthen Ring community members, as well as acting as an information hub for the ever-changing server community.

NOTE: Contact a moderator if you wish to lock any page to prevent editing, or need a vandalized page fixed. Unlock requests must be given through e-mail, in-game, or direct contact with the administrator or a moderator.

Weekly Featured Article

Seven Anari

Smallcap-i.giff one word could be used to describe Seven's outward appearance, that word would be innocent. She looks, and much to her chagrin is also often treated, like someone who's never seen any of the true horrors the world has to offer: death, war, pain and suffering, the wretched abominations of undeath, or worse. She looks like the type of woman someone powerful would keep cloistered safely away from the front lines... ostensibly for her own good, but really to keep her around as something nice to look at.


Weekly Featured Story

Wanted: Story Moderator

We are seeking new moderation for the stories section. Interested parties should contact Lilithia via the contact information here.

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There are some things you should avoid when creating and writing about a character, simply by custom. The following are strongly encouraged.

  • The character should not be a descendant of any lore character. For example, the second cousin of Arthas, or the long lost sibling of Sylvanas.
  • The character could not have been born in Orgrimmar or Darnassus, or spent your youth there, unless you want to play as a four year old character (Ogrimmar and Darnassus were built recently.)
  • Vampires. They just aren't in Azeroth, and Dreadlords take their place. Don't make your character into one.
  • When writing a character history, one should try to avoid things such as, "He was also well-known for slaying the dreaded traitor, Van Cleef," or, "She is renowned for cleansing the demonic taint from Ragefire Chasm." Nefarion is killed by different people weekly, and Hogger still terrorizes Elwynn. Don't write things that will cause continuity problems.


Wikis depend on the open manner in which information is shared and modified. However, there are guidelines:

  • All content must be related to Earthen Ring and the related roleplaying community.
  • Any articles or edits that could be considered libelous or defamatory, or could be argued as harassment or vandalism shall not be tolerated by the wiki team or the Earthen Ring community, and will be promptly dealt with.
  • Do not edit stories or character pages posted beyond spelling and very simple, obvious grammar errors. If you are unsure if a change will alter the original context, contact the author for permission. Page authors reserve full rights to request to have a page locked and unlocked by a moderator.
  • Information in an article (pages that are not stories) should be relevant and neutral.
  • Pages that are not dedicated to stories or characters may be modified following general rules of conduct.