Dwarven ballet, or "voresko", is a Dwarvish military dance style emphasizing grace under pressure, coordination, and sharp movements. Up to two dozen dwarves wearing plate armor and wielding axes & shields dance in tightly coreographed patterns, flashing weapons & banging shields together. The dancing often recreates legendary battles from dwarven history, with different races symbolized by the color of the dancer's armor. Axe tossing and choral singing are often added as well.

The dwarven military believes the ballet trains soldiers how to move with speed & grace in heavy armor, coordinate, and watch their surroundings. Many dwarves incoporate voresko moves into their combat style, such as the "axe-to-the-face pirouette" maneuver popular among dwarven warriors.

Races & Armor Color[edit | edit source]

  • Dwarves: Natural, the Color of Iron
    • Dark Iron Dwarves: Obsidian
    • Wildhammer Dwarves: Tan
  • Humans: White
  • Elves: Pale Yellow
  • Trolls: Green
  • Ogres: Peach
  • Orcs: Red
  • Demons: Black
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