Dusk Resistance Army
Faction Night Elf
Guild Type Roleplaying
RP Level Heavy
Size Small - Medium
Guild Master Prince Ihesalaar Zoram
Contacts Ihesalaar
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The Dusk Resistance Army is a group of Night elf extremists whose goal is to subverse and fracture the standing Alliance. Long ago Prince Ihesalaar Zoram saw that the problems that plagued their world were brought on by magic users. The Night Elves were an example when they learnt the dangers of the arcane arts but still the other races would not listen, that nature is the way. So now the cynic Prince Ihesalaar has reigned in as many Night Elves he could who were sympathetic to the cause and were willing supporters. The ultimate goal is split into two the first is to break away the Alliance and cause as much tension between the other races as possible, so much so that the treaties with the Night Elves would be broken and all Night Elves are free to travel back home to defend a new Elven nation. The second is once the first goal is complete a massive overhaul of Night Elf governance would be next. Instead of the leadership falling upon the shoulders of the priestesses or the druids it would fall on Ihesalaar Zoram to rebuild the nation and raise armies in the defence of the fledgling nation. The first step is to prove that the Stormwind Guard are inept and are unable to protect the citizens of Stormwind or weather the precision attacks made by the Night Elves, a tension in the streets of Stormwind as a Night Elf passes, this is how begins.

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