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Warder Durgaraf Frostmoon

Basic Information[]

  • Full Name: Durgaraf Frostmoon
  • In-Game: Durgaraf
  • Nickname:
  • Alignment: Lawful Good

  • Race: Kaldorei
  • Class: Hunter
  • Professions: Leatherworking/Skinning

Physical Description[]

  • Age: a bit over 6,100, currently deceased
  • Sex: Male
  • Hair: Black with intermittent grey strands
  • Eyes: Bluish silver
  • Height: 7'7"
  • Garments/Armor: Black dragonscales inlaid with mithril and the uloph-talah (falcon-blade), a katana-style sword with a stylized falcon on the blade and the hilt.
  • Other:


Durgaraf was often rather stoic and all-around very quiet, but he can be companionable as well. He can be very abrupt at times and may not always appear to be friendly, but he constantly has the best interests of others in mind.


Much of Durgaraf's history is unrevealed. He took his Oaths as a Warder at a relatively young age, and bonded (married) Priestess Ailinel Frostmoon about a thousand years later. He took Ailinel's family name since his own name would have been removed from him when he took the Warder Oath. He spent the last several thousand years protecting Kalimdor as a Warder. He participated in the Battle of Mount Hyjal with Ailinel, both swearing that they would do all they could to ensure that the world would still be a peaceful place for their daughter, Hakage Frostmoon, to grow up in. After the Third War, Durgaraf was among the first vanguards of the Kaldorei people sent to Azeroth, where he was to explore the region and report on the habits and customs of the peoples he found there.

Four years after the Battle of Mount Hyjal he founded the Far Striders (no relation to the Blood Elf group) to protect the peoples and the lands of Kalimdor and Azeroth. After he was called back to Kalimdor on a lengthy mission however, the Far Striders dissipated. When Durgaraf returned to Azeroth he joined Winters End.

At some point, Durgaraf picked up a hobby of breeding and raising nightsabers. His last companion was a stripeless nightsaber named Tilion.

Nearly a year ago, a series of events lead to Durgaraf having to defend his daughter, Hakaga, against another Warder by the name of Faengolf. Durgaraf was able to kill the other Warder, and save Hakage in the process, but in the process he broke his Warder Oath and the uloph-talah. As a result the persona that was Durgaraf died and the person he was before he took the Oath, Shingetsu Moonsong returned.