Lady Drevik of the Qiraji
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Drevik
Faction Alliance
Race Draenei
Gender Female
Class Death Knight
Guild Tonton Macoute
Professions Mining and Enchanting
IC Info
Nicknames Dre, Vinegar
Title The Butcher
Age Unknown; appears in her late 30s
Height 7'5"
Build Well-built, bit still manages to be somewhat lithe.
Hair Smoky Gray
Eyes Violet
Skin Purple
Occupations Unknown
Affiliations Tonton Macoute
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

"Let them hate, so long as they fear"

A section of her long smoky gray hair was tied at the top of her head, leaving a ponytail to hang down just past the back of her neck and bangs were pinned back. Thick horns curled from her skull, twisted so tips would be pointed towards the sky. Violet eyes glowed, lacking pupils and irises. Muscular build was evident, especially in her long, hooved legs. Armor covered a majority of her body, cloth shirt and shorts were worn underneath for comfort's sake. Left arm was missing flesh, bones would've been exposed if not for her gloves. Any other permenant damage were scars, as expected, that riddled various parts of her body.

A long sword rested on her back, glowing with dark runes and more often than not, her own aura was noticable. An amused expression often rested on her features, as if she found endless entertainment in those around her. Occasionally, she'll wear a gown and mask that keeps her features concealed, but she prefers to do such during special events or when she knows no one is going to really bother her.

Always seen with her Talbuck, Nezarien, unless she's in a building or fighting. If she's in outlands or northrend, she's with Malzien, her netherdrake.

Naturally, Dre prefers the company of those in the Tonton Macoute (with very few exceptions) above all and she generally regards all others with either amusement or bitterness. Not a friendly person by any means, but she's good at pretending.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Unlike most of her draenei kin, the knight's mind was addled and she never showed any sort of saintly kindness. Cruelty reigned supreme and she enjoyed cutting any down, regardless of who they may be. Friendliness was rare, but reserved for those she had an allegiance with; the members of the Tonton Macoute. Drevik has a deep-rooted hatred for those of the horde, mostly due to the deaths of her kind she witnessed on Draenor.

The reason for the knight's insanity was unknown and she preferred it that way.

History[edit | edit source]

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