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Dhizelandra Mi'Neris
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Dhiz
Faction Horde
Race Blood elf
Gender Female
Class Rogue
Guild Tea and Crumpets
Professions Engineering
IC Info
Nicknames Dhiz
Title Sergeant
Age 29 (Human years)
Height 5'11
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Skin Tan
Alignment Chaotic Good

Physical Description

Dhiz, most of the time, is completely covered by her armor. She takes special care to cover every inch of her body save for her face, which she keeps behind a mask. Only her left eye is visible to any onlooker. She has a number of blades, vials, and engineering knickknacks on her at all times.

When out of her armor, Dhiz still keeps herself completely covered by some sort of high collar, bow tied, long sleeved shirt. She always wears gloves, and is rarely in a dress. The only skin that can be ever seen is her face, which she still keeps her right bang over her right eye, a claw raking barely visible across the right side of her face.


To anyone who doesn't know her, Dhiz is cold hearted, uncaring and cynical. Even then, those who are considered her allies often are given the cold shoulder and a scowl. It is only those that she truly trusts she warms up to, and gives her friends her total loyalty and care. In rare times her mood will occasionally lighten, mostly when she is drinking, but the majority of the time she scowling and in a bad mood. Though she overtly dislikes most nobility, her mannerisms is that of a noble itself.