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The subject of this article is dormant and is not currently active on the Earthen Ring Server.

Core Stats[]

Name: Delesta Featherclaw
Title: Hired Druidess
Class: Druid
Professions: Enchanting, Tailoring.
Age: 635
Eye Colour: A dark silver-blue.
Hair Colour: Aqua
Skin Tone: Pale Purple
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 193 Lb.

Physical Appearance[]

Delesta has taken on a lot of different looks in her ventures out into Azeroth. Recently, she seems to enjoy wearing her battle armor, which makes her look almost like a tall animal. She always seems to be carrying a long staff that looks like it was plucked out of a corn field. Her face is also sporting a nice vertical scar on her left cheek.


The Beginning[]

Delesta was born an only child in the lands of Ashenvale to her mother Lylida, a practicing druidess, and her father Orimm, a Marksman in the Sentinel forces. She lived a quiet loving lifestyle. Most of her days were spent with her mother out in the forests of Ashenvale while her father trained. Things took a turn for the worse when the Third War came. While her father was away, the Warsong clan burned her house to the ground. Also during the battle of Hyjal her father received a horrid burn to his left eye. He requested to be left behind to die an honorable death, but an up and coming officer sought it right to rescue him to further himself in the ranks. Orimm was discharged from the Sentinel forces. After his discharge, he was never the same. He lost his aim and fell to Dwarven ale to fill that void. Though his drinking caused him to become violent with Delesta and Lylida. A year of abuse went by before Delesta snapped, pulling Orimm's dagger from his hand and stabbing him with it. Delesta ran off and never did find out what happened to her father. Upon returning, her life took a different turn. Delesta and her mother moved to Darnassus where Delesta fell in love with a young Sentinel. Their romance lasted only weeks before a Horde raid attacked Darnassus and killed her love. Filled with rage, she demanded her mother teach her the druid craft or she would find somewhere else to train. Her mother taught her all she knew. Upon reaching her mothers last lesson, Delesta took off to train more to enact revenge upon those who caused her so much pain.


As of late, Delesta has given up her crusade against the Horde and soon lost her way. She fell into a many things that damaged her both body, mind and soul. Currently, she has found a path as a healer working for a private army and is engaged to her love, Kiiyue, to be happily married sometime soon.