Earthen Ring Wiki


Guild Leader/Captain:[]



Contact Person/Method:[]

Phaerok or anyone with inviting privelidges. (In-game through whisper, mail or via the website)

Recruiting Status:[]

Our Alliance guild is currently limited but we are looking for a few good, dedicated members for our Hordeside guild. Please apply at the website. Currently we have over 300 members. We recruit under four ~ Role Player ~ Community ~ Raider ~ PvPer

RP "Newbie"- Friendly:[]

Yes, we try to give guidance/assistance


We're pirates....ARR! Of course not all of us are scallywags. We have everything from Diplomatic politicians that work hard to keep us out of trouble to assassins and smugglers.

The Dark Heart of Azeroth is the ship of Captain Phaerok Nightwind. We are a close-knit crew that enjoys assisting one another. We exist so you don't have to play with jerks to get somewhere in the world to gain nice loot and status.


None, other than being respectful of other players and enjoying your time while in Azeroth. All members are REQUIRED to stay in character in guildchat, /say and /yell at all times to preserve the atmosphere of the RP server.

Raiding/PvP Interest:[]

One of the top raiding guilds on the server. But we also enjoy PVP as well as RP.

Other Info:[]

We encourage members to role-play and support the integrity of what it means to have an RPing server even if the RP is very light.

Guild Activities:[]

Raids, Instances, Parties, Gatherings, Loot Runs, Warlock Travel Agency, Questing, and just having fun!