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Notable Information[]

  • Crowling's left arm is missing below the elbow, replaced by a prosthetic limb of gnomish make.
  • As Baroness and Lady of House Dawnfield, she is noted to have some political push, but tends to avoid it unless necessary.
  • Crowling has three children. One adopted; Gwenieve, and two fathered by Dannelor, a night elf, named Ysius and Valaen
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Crowling
Faction Alliance
Race Draenei
Gender Female
Class Paladin
Guild Ashes of the Dawn
Professions Blacksmithing, Alliance Soldier
IC Info
Nicknames Crow
Title Baroness
Age 21
Height 7'5"
Build Muscular
Hair Varies, generally purple or platinum blonde
Eyes Silver
Skin Pale white
Occupations Knight of the Silver Hand, Sergeamt of the Seventh Legion
Affiliations Ashes of the Dawn, Blackdawn, Seventh Legion
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Full Description[]

Crowling stands a bit taller than most draenei and is built for power, as opposed to speed. Dark purple hair is often long or cut rather short, depending on her mood. It's very rarely tied up. Eyes are a faint silver in color, lacking a noticable glow like most draenei.

She is often clad in plate armor, and prefers bladed weaponary as oppose to blunt weapons. A polearm is often her choice of weapon, be it in the form of a double-bladed spear or a halberd.  Her hand is bare of rings, displaying a change in certain statuses. Her right arm, from the elbow joint is missing and replaced by a clockwork prosthetic.

Personality wise, Crow is extremely cold, distant and at times, lacking a great deal of expression on her face. With familiar company, she is pleasant and extremely protective.

With those who she dislikes, she usually tends to ignore them.