Council of the Eye

Council of the Eye
Faction Alliance
Guild Type Roleplaying
RP Level Heavy
Size Medium
Guild Master
Website Link

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The subject of this article is dormant and is not currently active on the Earthen Ring Server.


  • Active Since: March 31, 2005
  • Inactive Since: January 01, 2009
  • Ranks: Unknown
  • Members: Wouldn't you like to know?

Guild History and Synopsis

The Council of the Eye had its origins as a "philosopher's club" in Dalaran around the time of the Second War. Following the destruction of Dalaran in the Third War, it was formed as a pervasive wizard's cabal intent on infiltrating diverse Alliance political bodies during the ensuing power vacuum. Later routed after one of its assassination attempts went sour, the Council's membership splintered, with surviving members taking refuge under the guise of various innocuous organizations, plotting to one day return. Following its reformation in 619, the Council has since disappeared underground again, and its existence is spoken of only in rumors.

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