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Nickname: Clyps

Clan: Children of Dishonor

Title: The Shackled


Race: Troll, Tribeless

Class: Priest

Professions: Mining, Engineering

Age: Unknown

Sex: Female

Hair: Purple with streaks of grey

Eyes: Blood Red

Weight: 145 lbs.

Height: 6’ 11”

Garments/Armor: Ritual Robes with her sacrificial dagger at her side.


Clypsazu tends to be withdrawn at times, preferring to commune with the Old wisdom. It is from them that she draws her strength and from their visions that she gains her insight into others and the future. Speaking in riddles and parables, her thoughts and beliefs can be easily confused and misread but this is what she wants. In this way, she gets others to think about what we have lost and how they can regain it through her teachings. Her whims match those she serves and she will go to any length to fulfill their wishes. Recently, she has become even more inaccessible as the demands of her masters and followers consume much of her time.


Little is known of Clypsazu before she walked into Sen’jin village over one year ago. What she will speak of her past she shrouds in mystery, riddles and tales of a lost troll society.

Upon entering Sen’Jin, the priestess immediately set out to spread the word of the ancients. Her attempts at teaching the Trolls of their glorious past were first met with resistance but as her power of prophecy was revealed to the tribe she slowly gained acceptance and followers. Now it is rare that she is not flanked by two figures, which are shrouded in robes and her sermons draw crowds of the curious in the small village. These actions and the secrecy of herself and her followers have recently drawn the attention of the current elders of the Darkspear as they try to decipher the intentions of the mysterious cult.


The Broken Branch