Cleric of St Cuthbert
Faction Alliance
Guild Type RP / PvE
RP Level Light / Medium
Size Small
Guild Master Jäger
Contacts Jäger, Erriq, Synaarondk, Vailia, Doohiky
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Cleric of St Cuthbert is a Non-recruiting RP/PvE guild. The "Attempt" of RP usually occurs out of boredom. Recently the Clerics have ventured forth into the lands of Azeroth (coming from their original land of Faerûn) and started dealing with the works of the evil Lich King and his minions.

RP Background[edit | edit source]

The Clerics came to Azeroth during a time in Faerûn known as the Time of Troubles, when the deities of Faerûn walked the planet in their mortal avatar forms. This event caused much magic, both arcane and divine to go awry and many had died in the time. To avoid certain death, Jäger and a few of his companions had journeyed long and far to find a new land to reside, and spread the word of St. Cuthbert as well. After months of travel the ragtag crew of two holy priests, a warrior, a few death knights, a paladin or three, Gnomehands the rogue, and Durthis the Dwarven hunter finally made it to Azeroth, landing on the shores of Westfall. The renewed band of adventurers made their way to Stormwind where they currently reside, often quarreling with The Stormwind Guard about nonsensical issues which often end in some form of retreat.

Instances on Farm[edit | edit source]


Shadowfang Keep


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