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The following is a basic character sheet template for the Earthen Ring Wiki.

Bob Stickman III
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Stickman
Faction Allihorde
Race Stickman
Gender Male (we assume)
Class Sticksinger
Guild The Stick Quartet
Professions Oragami and Pulp Mining
IC Info
Nicknames Skinny, Stick in the Mud
Title Stickweaver
Age 14x1034
Height 10'1"
Hair None
Eyes White
Skin Non-Existant
Alignment Plaid Squid

Physical Description

  • Garments/Armor: Bob is naked!
  • Other: Bob is covered in scars--so many that his entire body is a singular, gigantic scar that appears to be his normal skin. He's just that hardcore.


Bob has no personality, trained out of him by the Stickweaver Council.


Bob was created by a ten-year-old that ate too many gel pens. From there he traveled to the Stickweaver Citadel to learn the great art of Stickweaving. He's now fights for good, and stuff.