Earthen Ring Wiki
Cethlenn Cunningham
OOC Game Stats
Faction Horde
Race Forsaken
Gender Female
Class Warlock
Guild Tears of Draenor
IC Info
Nicknames Ceth
Age 20 at time of death
Height 5'1
Hair Black
Eyes Yellow
Alignment Chaotic Good

Physical Description[]

Cethlenn is a very small girl, made smaller by her battle gear which often fits poorly over her frail frame. She's the archetype of a magic user in that regard; it's doubtful she could ever lift anything heavier than her sword in combat.

The warlock has a very plain face, round eyes set on an oval frame. Instead of beauty, the effect is that of someone being continuously shocked by something. In fact, the girl looks terrified at whatever subject matter is brought up, from battle plans to casual conversation (especially the latter). Her hair is short, black and reaches to about her chin. Tucking her bangs behind her ears has become somewhat of a nervous habit.


Cethlenn is incredibly nervous. When speaking to new people - or in groups larger than two- she constantly stutters and stops, tugging at her sleeves...or hair... or fingers...anything appropriately in reach which can distract her. Public speaking is a nightmare, and she'll likely hover on the outskirts of a gathering rather than participate in it.

She tries to be nice, though she's incredibly awkward about it - she'll never hesitate to stop what she's doing to offer assistance to a clanmate, as terrified as she might act around them. She's honest enough in her intentions, and it's doubtful she ever has an ulterior motive.

That isn't to say Cethlenn lacks a negative streak. If someone offends her, she'll typically hold the grudge for longer than ever deemed necessary.