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Ceridwen Ironbowl
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Ceridwen
Faction Alliance
Race Gnome
Gender Female
Class Mage
Guild Royal Clerks
IC Info
Age 40+
Height 3'2
Hair fair white
Eyes bright, ice blue
Skin light
Alignment Lawful Good


Not much is known about Ceridwen quite yet. She is quiet and looks attentive to her surroundings. She can often be seen with her snowshoe rabbit companion, Gwion.


Like many of her race, Ceridwen is a refugee from Gnomeregan. Her strange surname, "Ironbowl," can be traced back to her one-time invention binge, which came about from practicality rather than ingenuity.


She currently works in City Hall for the Royal Clerks. Gwion is her personal paper-shredder.