Earthen Ring Wiki

Full name: unknown
Game: Cephas

Guild: Triune Order
Title: High Priest of Eonar

Race: Human

Age: 50+
Sex: Male
Hair: none
Eyes: Appears to be dark brown, but on closer inspection is a deep blood red.

Garments: Typically in rich elegant robes.

Alignment: Unknown

History: (unknown ICly)

The bastard child of a mad woman, Cephas was born in an asylum. Long before the arrival of the Burning Legion, his mother cried that she was brutally assaulted by a large creature and that she bore the demon's offspring in her womb.

She was kept under close scrutiny by unnamed members of the Scarlet Crusade. When her child was finally born and showed to be a perfectly normal human boy, the newborn was taken by the Scarlet Priests and she was locked up to be forgotten.