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Priests comprise a very varied group in Azeroth. The majority are followers, in some manner, of the Holy Light.

Followers of the Holy Light[]

The Clerics of Northshire were priests who served the kingdom of Stormwind during the First War. This order was largely destroyed, and the Second War saw fragile priests replaced by armored paladins on the battlefield.

Following the retaking of Stormwind, Alonsus Faol was able to refound the Holy Order of Northshire. In addition to the rebuilt Northshire Abbey, the Cathedral of Light was constructed in Stormwind to serve as a focal point for the Church of the Light.

Dwarven priests follow much the same traditions as the human priests of Stormwind.

With the awakening of the Forsaken from the Lich King's control, several undead former clergy of Lordaeron continue a darkly twisted worship of the Holy Light.

In the Burning Crusade the Draenei will also follow the Light, because 25,000 years ago a mysterious ethereal race (Naaru) blessed their ancestors.

Shadow and Light/Yin and Yang?[]

Despite the fact that a majority of priests use the light and shun the darkness, the truth of the matter is that both are in the end required as a sort of balancing system not completely understood by researchers. What we do know is that all elements of magic have a balancing element, and by weakening one side we become stronger in the other, but if one is completely wiped out of our bodies ability to use it the dire repercussions could accure. This has just recently been fathomd by mages and priests that research the subject, but it is clear that as testing contenues more will become apparent over time.

Troll Priests[]

Troll priests are of a line of ancient tribal religions, the first being followers of the Blood God Hakkar in the ancient Gurubashi Empire. This progenitor religion is almost forgotten, save by the troll nations within Zul'Gurub and a sect of the Blood God's followers within the Sunken Temple. More simple, shamanistic traditions have spread through many of the remaining troll nations, with many practicing darker natural and elemental magics as witch doctors.

Night Elf Priests[]

Night Elven priests, until recently a strictly female order (like most aspects of night elven culture), worship the moon goddess Elune.

Shadow Priests[]

Some priests are either corrupted or come to the Shadow by choice, but the fact is that some priests with more selfish goals turn to the powers of Shadow to gain their own rewards. Though the number of shadow priests has declined as years have worn on thanks to the Cathedral of the Light's efforts against the Shadow, some priests still choose to follow a darker path to power.


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