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Non-player Character[]

(Non-playable Character)

This category is for all those characters not directly roleplayed. Since there is no 'gamemaster' to determine an NPC's actions, it is usually shared between collaborating players through text.

These are player-created characters, or characters in the game world created by Blizzard with player-created flourish to their histories. Generally, canon World of Warcraft history supersedes player-created content. These characters are significant to one or more PCs and have personalities and backstories. Examples could include family of a PC or characters introduced in side stories.

The definition has also grown to alternate player characters that are roleplayed in conjunction with "main" player characters since two characters of the same account cannot be logged in simultaneously.

How to RP an NPC[]

Because character names are attached to /say and /e, certain measures have to be taken:


[Alkan] says: [Dran'gor] Time to die!
Alkan >> Dran'gor smashes his gigantic axe into the ground.


Cogitatus 's attention is suddenly drawn to the Stormwind City Guard, who salutes him and says "Sir!".
[Cogitatus] says: Yes, soldier, how can I help you?
Cogitatus listens as the guard says "Sir! General Johnathan wants you in the Valley of Heroes immediately, Sir!".

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