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Typically, a Lawful Neutral character:

  1. Keeps his word of honor.
  2. Lies and cheats only if very necessary.
  3. Never attacks or harms an unarmed foe.
  4. Usually will not harm an innocent but may run roughshod over personal rights in pursuing a greater end.
  5. Does not use torture unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. (Never for pleasure)
  6. Never kills for pleasure, but frequently will do so if ordered to by a recognised authority or as part of a contract.
  7. Usually helps those in need.
  8. Works in groups well, especially if it suits his needs.
  9. Will quite possibly take dirty money or bribes but tends to "stay bought".
  10. Adheres faithfully to a contract but may manipulate the literal meaning of the text.
  11. Never betrays a friend, but won't neccessarily shelter a lawbreaker.
  12. Believes that rules and hierarchy are the structure for a stable society.
  13. Places the stability of the whole over the freedom of individuals.
  14. May very well see slavery as proper status for certain individuals that can not be left to themselves.

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