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"The hunter has always existed to maintain the balance with the creatures of the wild. Adventurers far and wide venture into the wilderness to find an animal companion to protect and aid them on their journeys. These expert marksmen are unmatched in their skill with firearms and archery. By observing and emulating creatures of the wild, hunters have gained the unique ability to take upon aspects of various animals. The agility of the monkey, vision of the hawk and the speed of the cheetah are but a few of these.

Many of the races of the world venerate the rites of the hunt. For the tauren, the Great Hunt is central to their culture and skilled hunters are honored above all others. In following with the tauren, orcs and trolls have taken up gun and bow to stalk the beasts of the wide world. The night elves have forever shared a unique bond with nature and its creatures, and the hunters among them are unmatched in their skill with the bow. The dwarves of Khaz Modan have always had those among them that forsake the dark halls of the mountains for the snowy slopes and green fields of their realm, searching for lifelong companions from among the native animals. The construction and operation of firearms are skills long dominated by the dwarven race.

Famous hunters: Rexxar, Alleria Windrunner" WoWWiki


  • Beast Mastery, focusing on aspects of the animal and strength of the pet.
  • Marksmanship, focusing on ranged combat.
  • Survival, focusing on...survival? Traps and damage and such.

Alternative Hunters[]

Perhaps not from WoW, but certainly from the RPG, previous installments, or other pieces of the Warcraft franchise that have a rightful place on Azeroth.

Note: Yes, some of these classes do not utilize animals. Any non-spellcaster ranged class is placed here, as there are traits of the hunter. For melee combat classes, see Warrior.


Alliance (historically all elves and humans) One that shoots with a bow and arrow. The archer's speciality is ranged attack, and they will do everything possible to maintain their distance. Most night elf archers also use stealth, speed, and darkvision to full advantage. An archer might creep to a hiding place and wait their for hours to set the target at ease. Archers train both alone and in teams, and will often concentrate firing on a single major target or on a small group clustered together. This allows them to take down tougher foes or clustered enemy commanders in a single volley.

Started in WCII

Note:Elves are known in the history of Warcraft to be superb at the usage of bows. Archers do not use pets, but clearly share the marksman abilities with the hunter archetype (I.e. players with full MM in the hunter tree.)


In the past, all Alliance (though Both today); (historically); High Elves, Night Elves, and Blood Elves, and 1 human. Rangers are elite wilderness warriors whose skills are mostly reserved for the elves (Nathanos Marris being the exception). Rangers are elite archers and skirmishers, capable of doing tricks with the bow that few others can hope to match. Their wilderness fighting skills are equaled only by the Horde's orc hunters.

Elven rangers are a special cadre of elven archers who are intimately bound to the wildlands of Lordaeron. Their pursuit of mastery in Longbow, Marksmanship, and Scouting make them more rugged and even deadlier than their brothers - traits for which they are greatly feared amongst their enemies. These secretive and elite warriors have never involved themselves in the affairs of Humans, but when Horde onslaughts threatened to destroy the Elven homelands, they quickly offered their services to the Alliance. Although their numbers are few, their presence could change the course of the war if they are deployed wisely.W2Man,46

Elven rangers practiced a form of Druidism. Elven rangers who became dark rangers lost the ability to use those powers HPG,41. Elven rangers draw their spells from their relationships with nature and the spirits of nature. As such, their spell lists are focused on archery, wilderness, animals, and stealth.(WoWRPG|102) One of these druid powers called "Speak with Plants", allows the caster to talk to normal plants and plant creatures (from WoWRPG,269), using the "language of the trees, of all plants", and sense the plant's emotions and plants history through touch. From DotD,167.

The best rangers become epic elven rangers.

Started in WCII

Note:Elves are known in the history of Warcraft to be superb at the usage of bows. It's possible some rangers do use pets (such as all statues of Alleria Windrunner in Stormwind potrayer with a falcon), but they do clearly share the marksman abilities with the hunter archetype (I.e. players with full MM in the hunter tree.)

Axe-Thrower, Berserker[]

Horde; Trolls


This is a very straightforward class, but for the time being it's placed here because they focus on ranged combat.


Neutral (though Both today); historically Half-Ogres and Orcs, though Troll, Tauren, Dwarf, and Elf Beastmasters are entirely feasible.


Always an exception to the rule. This is a true class of hunter that does not focus on ranged combat. Instead he calls beasts of the wild to his aid. This is clearly the equivalent of the Beastmastery Talent tree.

Priestess of the Moon[]

Alliance; Night Elves (Hero class)


Another oxymoron, like the Demon Hunter. These women are absolutely not healers and even have the 'Trueshot Aura' ability. They are mounted and thus utilize their frostsabers, but their main focus is marksmanship with arcane backup.


Alliance; Dwarves (probably not limited to one race, functionally)


Similar ranged combat focus to the Archers or Rangers, but using the highly advanced technology of rifles and bullets!

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