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Typically, a Chaotic Evil character:

  1. Rarely keeps his word. Has no honor.
  2. Lies and cheats anyone.
  3. Most certainly attacks and kills an unarmed foe (those are the best kind!).
  4. Will hurt and/or kill an innocent without a second thought. (Or for pleasure).
  5. Uses torture to extract information and pleasure.
  6. Will kill for sheer pleasure.
  7. Is likely to help someone only on a whim.
  8. Despises honor and authority and self-discipline. Views them as weaknesses.
  9. Does not work well in a group. Constantly vying for power and/or command.
  10. Will always take dirty money etc.
  11. Will betray a friend. After all, you can always get another friend.
  12. Associates mostly with other evil alignments.

(In other words, they are largely psychopathic.)

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