Guild Master: Jurdendorf
Focus: Cataclysm is a little different than most guilds in WoW. We are a casual PvE/PvP guild composed primarily (but not exclusively) of older players, many with family, limited play time, or real life demands that draw their time. We are members who play WoW because it is fun, and we are an extended (virtual) family. We are Cataclysm because we are a casual, caring, supportive membership.

Casual means we create a space for each member to do what they want to do, and be where they want to be. We do not require members to participate in guild raids, pay dues, contribute to a war chest of items, or any of that sort of forced participation. We do not require that members participate in PvP (Player vs. Player combat), but we do encourage you to participate in guild PvP events if you feel the passion to do so.

We are NOT a role-playing (RP) guild even thought we do reside on a RP server by choice, but we both respect and honor the server community's desire for role-playing. We do not require members to Role Play in guild chat, but we support this and we do not mind seeng Role Play in action.

We do set a high standard on our members because we know that membership can mean long term, pleasant, and cooperative play together. We stress maturity, loyalty, respect and above all else, enjoyment of our online experiences together.

Our philosophy is simple: We play games for entertainment — an escape from our everyday stress, NOT as an additional source to the stress cycle.

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