Caracharan Swiftbrook
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Caracharan
Faction Kirin Tor
Race Blood Elf
Gender Female
Class Mage
Professions Tutoring, Research, Tailoring, Enchanting
IC Info
Title Proctor of Applicants, Tutrix, Researcher
Hair auburn
Eyes green
Skin ivory
Alignment lawful neutral

Current Events & ProjectsEdit

Presently, Caracharan is engaged in a bit of research involving the objects of veneration for the Twilight Hammer cults. She has requested a number of books from Dalaran covering the safer, nullified scripts, and mythologies in order to more safely translate her deliberately fragmented notes.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Caracharan adorns her auburn hair with a turquoise inlaid headband running across the top of her head and customarily wears a necklace bearing a Wedjat eye as well as a signet ring bearing the Violet Eye on one hand.


Caracharan tends to remain somewhat serious and aloof in her dealings with most people. Her tendency to walk with her staff touching the ground only in mid-stride stands out as a curiosity.


Current Year (620)Edit

Meets Lilithia Emberstone, has several minor assignments while under escort. Mostly engaged in research. See Current Events

Prior YearsEdit

618: Virtually all personal effects stolen from Morninglord Triumphant while in transit from Quel'Thalas to Ogrimar.

609: Assumes the post of Proctor of Applicants.

563: Assumes the post of Tutrix of Novices for the Kirin Tor.

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