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Bylgja ER.jpg
OOC Game Stats
Faction Horde
Race Troll
Gender Female
Class Rogue
Guild Illyrians of the Aventyn
Professions Tailor, Enchater
IC Info
Nicknames Byl
Title Bylgja
Age 25
Height 2.13m (roughly 7 feet)
Hair Cyan
Eyes Red
Skin Light blue
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Physical Description[]

Bylgja is a she-troll towering above other races but amongst average in her own. However, compared to her troll sisters, she is much more built, having shapely arms and strong legs. She has tattoos and piercings covering much of her body. On her right arm she has a Kracken, on her right arm a trident, amongst others. All her tattoos are dedications to anything dealing with the great sea during mythological times. Her hair is a striking cyan and kept up in the most unconventional ways.


Her personality is generally reserved and quiet. However, adhering to her true pirate self she becomes boisterous and loud after only a few drinks. She is a true and loyal friend and easily becomes attached to those she holds dear to her heart. She is not one to easily let go of a grudge, making her very dedicated in getting revenge where she sees it is needed.


Growing up she was always a tomboy, playing with the boys and throwing bugs at the girls. She was bright and happy, but things soon turned for the worst; at a young age, her family was kidnapped and sacrificed to the Sea Witch along with her people's leader, Sen'jin. The Orcs managed to take her and a few others to safety, where she and other orphans had to grow up by themselves knowing the horrible truth of their families' fate. She has made it her life goal to avenge her family and her tribe by slaying the Sea Witch herself, in any way possible. She has banded together a few loyal friends (Valectus the warrior Tauren, Vivente the blood elf Warlock, and Vanagaerion the blood elf Mage) to start a pirate crew and venture out into the great sea for the adventures eventually leading to the great Witch's slaying.

Her name, Bylgja means "billows" and comes from one of the nine daughters of the Norse sea-god AEgir.