Earthen Ring Wiki
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Bulja
Faction Horde
Race Troll
Gender Male
Class Hunter
Guild Grey Tiger Tong
Professions Skinning
IC Info
Nicknames Hunter, the Ancient
Title Gurubashi Historian
Age Appears to be around 30
Height 7'2"
Hair red
Eyes yellow
Skin light purple
Alignment Neutral

Physical Description[]

Bulja is a typically tall, lanky troll. His light purple skin is devoid of any scarring, and he appears to be young and healthy. He usually clothes himself in various animals furs, and is rarely seen without a wolf skin mask.

Bulja's other constant companion is his pet bear, Rothide. The beast is immense, at least twice the size of an average bear. Patches of rotting skin and exposed bone reveal the bear to be undead.


Bulja seems easygoing and friendly to most members of the Horde. He has no dislike of the Forsaken or undead in general; indeed, he considers Rothide to be his best friend, and is not bothered by the bear's status as an undead. He enjoys the company of orcs, respecting their bravery in battle and their belief in shamanism. He gets along particularly well with trolls, and is not above smooth talking an attractive troll female. Blood Elves, however, are a different matter. Bulja distrusts all Sin'Dorei, believing them to be power-hungry fools with no self control or regard for the consequences of their actions. Still, he has been known to warm up to Sin'Dorei that prove themselves to be different from most members of their race.


Little is known about Bulja's history before his participation in the Third War, where he served as a scout and tracker for the Horde, faithfully serving Thrall along with the other Darkspears. The troll seems content to keep his past and exact age a mystery; however, as he shows none of the troll signs of aging, a logical guess would put him around 30 years old or younger.