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Braedon Shadowspell
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Braedon
Faction Horde
Race Blood Elf
Gender Male
Class Priest
Guild Spirits of Fury
Professions Mining, Jewelcrafting
IC Info
Nicknames None
Title Sire
Age Unknown
Height 182 cm
Hair Black with two white streaks
Eyes Emerald green/ Sometimes glowing with energy
Skin Olive complexion
Alignment Lawful Evil

Appearance / Demeanor[]

While he has all of the text book traits of a typical Sin'Dorei male, good-looking, fit, and so on. Braedon has a much more vicious and cruel aura about him than most. One person who has asked to remain anonymous described Braedon's voice to be like "a somber whisper", and said that even the very air about him seems to be in on some "dark secret".

Not at all one to create a scene, Braedon Shadowspell might very well have walked behind you for a mile, and you'd never know it. Unlike some of the more prominent Blood Elves, Braedon's lack of bravado is actually one of his more defining traits for onlookers. However, should one actually get close enough to over hear the Sire of the Spirits of Fury speaking, it is more than a little bit clear that he is as dangerous as a bag of vipers.

History (as transcribed by Scholar Ingis Mantlebrook)[]

The name "Braedon Shadowspell" Does not appear in any census ever taken, both before and after the decimation of the Sunwell. Though a family that had taken the surname was in fact part of the exile of High Borne so many years ago. Whether or not Braedon is truely related to that line of elves is not clear, perhaps he simply plucked the name from a list and took it on as his own.

Regardless, the fact that he, nor any member of his exclusive sect known in the common tongue as "Spirits of Fury" have any record of even existing is alarming to say the least. "Either they have found a loophole in our census taking, or something more devious is afoot" said one Silvermoon magistrate "rest assured we will look into this matter". Braedon and his ilk tend not to enter the city of Silvermoon, to the best of my knowledge, and should they ever do so, they have a lot of explaining to do.