A Bonding Experience

--by Lilithia

Lilithia stood over the bound and writhing body, shaking her head as the subject attempted to escape. The shore of Clearwater Lake seeped around the victim as the mud sucked in the struggling one.

"Tonight," Lilithia said with a soft voice and a grin, "we shall join. We will be one in this world--our strengths unified, weaknesses diminished. We shall grow and your power will be through me, and you will be of me." The warlock kneeled and sent a claw to run across ropes and through matted hair. The bound one twisted and screamed through the gag.

"I need you as much as you need me. I will take you, and together we shall grow. You are part of my strength, and I a part of your will. Submit and we shall become strong." The claw dug into the scalp and forced the head to turn. Wide eyes clouded with tears locked with the captor's sightless gaze.

"Give me your smile so that I may feel your joy, your tears so that I may share in your pain," she cooed. "... your lips, so that I may feel your warmth." She pulled the gag down. A thumb skimmed the lips of the still-living. The face went pale in horror at the touch, frozen in terror. A small gasp escaped the chest.

"Give me your flesh and blood, so that I may share your life. Submit to my will. Submit to the Dark." Lilithia's cool hands gently pressed on the bound's shoulders. The warm flesh there was stroked by fingers that gave way to sharp ends. The undead played with the beads of sweat rolling down the other's neck, idly tracing patterns with the tips of her claws. There was a pause as placid smile locked with panicked eyes.

The monster's teeth descended, finding their purchase. A shriek tore through the trees, abruptly ending with a wet tearing sound.

They were one.