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We were once the Quel'dorei. Once we knew times of peace. Once we knew times of unparalleled glory. Once one could walk for miles without fear within our borders. Once our lands were vibrant, alive... and we a part of them. Those times are past...

Fire and Death in the vilest of it's forms has rained down upon our fair kingdom. Betrayal reached from the shadows and siezed the World by the throat, and strangled the vigor from our lives. The Juggarnaut of Doom, an Army of Eternal Damnation, advanced through our lands; like a plague it annihilated, it slaughtered, everything that stood in its path.

Even when the outrage, the agony, seemed too great, the vile, wretched host descended on our capital. Silvermoon. It was not long before it too felt the horrible wrath of this force born of malice and evil. It was unimaginable. It was a day from the darkest of our nightmares; those that we never thought possible. Nothing was sacred anymore... our greatest glory, The Sunwell, fell too that day.

What once was, will never be again. Never will the scars of that day erased
from our lands. Never will our hearts heal. Never... never will it happen again. The Spires of Silvermoon have risen once more. We will avenge ourselves upon those who have wronged us. We are the Sin'dorei, The Children of Blood. Betrayal will never be an option for those who know us. Our people will not live through another failure so great; death first.

This is The Bloodcrest. We guard the shadows, we guard the most remote regions of the world; nowhere will a foe find refuge. We have lost everything we once knew... and will not give it up again. Be warned, you stand amongst the Relentless. The Remorseless. We are The Bloodcrest, and we give no quarter to our enemies.

Guild InformationEdit

Guild Leader: Mavron Duskward


Recruitment Policy: Blood Elf exclusive, to eventually be opened up more on a limited basis. Restricted, without excellent reason, to Paladin, Rogue, and Hunter classes.

Recruiting Status: Open

Roleplaying Newbie Friendly: Yes, so long as a genuine effort is put fourth.

Guild ConceptEdit

The Bloodcrest is an order of Rangers, formed during the initials conflicts with the Old Horde of the Second War. Originally named The Avians, this Order took the field against the Old Horde, contributing greatly to sowing seeds of chaos amongst thier forces by removing various officers and lesser leaders.

The betrayal of Prince Arthas and the Legion's second coming have left The Bloodcrest ravaged, slaughtered almost to the man in the conflict. They seek to safeguard the interests of The Blood Elves, the Horde, and the Land; in that order.


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