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Full Name: Biksa'uik Rashiana

Game Name: Bikui

Guild: Errant Blight

Class: Shaman

Height: Tall for a troll woman(I have to find what I decided on)

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Professions: Enchanting and Leatherworking

Physical Description[]

((Will place it here after I find it))


Bikui is strange. She's highly superstitious and given to fashioning all manner of charms and talismans to ward off bad spirits. She's also given to performing impromptu rituals on those who she thinks have done something unlucky. Example:

As Bikui sauntered along one of the well-worn ruts that lace Orgrimmar, she spies a peon going diligently about his duties. Just as she begins to pass him, the sound crash of a fallen vial reaches her ears.

"Bad juju!" she cries out, turning to glare at the peon, who only stares back at her with blank uncertainty.

Taking a slender stone vial from where it hangs at her belt, she pops off the top and flicks it at the peon. Unpleasantly scented liquid of an obscure variety spatters against his face as she murmurs some rough incantation, still waggling the stone vial at him. His alarm rises sharply when she slaps him soundly across one cheek, then the other.

"Better now. You be careful mon," she tells him cordially as she recaps the stone vial and turns, continuing on her way. The shocked peon looks after her, shock and confusion vying for domination over his expression.

She's also a fierce, eager combatant who lives for the thrill of the fight and eschews the ways of defense for a more wild and blunt path, which mostly involves her hitting things with heavy and/or edged implements of destruction.