"So...which way do we go?" Tiern looked through his bags, finding nothing but a crumpled cheese leaf and a skin of stout.

"i dunochek map" Greatbobo flung up his hands. The sky was fogging over and a mist was clinging to the folds of their garments. Tiern loaded his hunting rifle and flicked his eyes around the soft lush of Dun Morough.

Several bears had come by, just out of earshot of the pair, and they had already downed a young wolf for their supper. Snow was falling freely from the sky.

"Well, I guess. The tank driver said the box was SOMEWHERE near here." He unfolded the large map and scoured it's pages. He frowned, and returned it to his holder. He farted.

"ok dud dis sux lets go gtfo k" Greatbobo sniffed the air happily, and let one rip himself. "ok wiat dat wuz N A S T I" He grinned and killed a rabbit.

"Well. This blows."

"u monm bloz"

Tiern sighed. A large, brown flag suddenly dropped from the sky, bashing him in the head. He fell to the snow in a heap.

"GRAH! What was is THAT?!"

"duel duel duel duel deul udel"


(( More to be written, SHORTLY! ))