The Branalot Saga

-by Baranalot

Chapter one The Beginning of a Saga Edit

As Baranalot walk to the pub to drink some boar grog he walked toward his special seat as he grabbed his drink the bar tender asked "Why do you like a orc drink? " So Baranalot replied " It cools me down after sucking off a group of Orcs, who doesn't like a good orc cock? They helped us defeating the burning legion. Plus I'm a hybrid of a human and a troll. So cry me a river if you don't like if you don't like my taste in alcohol and men". As Baranalot sipping the last of his boar grog, it tasted just like that last Orc he sucked dry, just then Lykis got up and said grabbing his sword " So that means you are a traitor since you are drinking one of the greenskins drinks. Baranalot grabs his sword and shield and speaks to Lykis in a deep tone " Wow didn't know that a weakling has room to talk in cording to the king The archiver's order are more important than your ego, I have a feeling you become like arthas. Suddenly Amelech walked and said " Baranalot it's time for the meeting with Mis Proudmoore. "O Yea hellow Lykis want to come with us? Baranalot stands up and started to speak to Lykis " You can come but you must lose the ego by the time we get there. 5 hours later on the ship. " Wow I can't believe the sea is so great said Lykis. Baranalot is barfing up his lunch. " I need to go to my quarters wake me up when we have reached Theramore said Baranalot. 2 hours later. " We have reached Theramore mi lord Baranalot said Nothus. Baranalot falls over his bed. Finally we are here and we can finally find peace between the alliance and the horde said Baranalot.

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