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Baimborn Fimond
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Baimborn
Faction Alliance
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Class Hunter
Guild Guildless
Professions skinning
IC Info
Nicknames Baim
Title "Beararrow" by his Wildhammer kin
Age not sure but looks around in his late 20's
Height 5'8
Hair brown
Eyes blue
Skin fairly tanned
Alignment Chaotic Good

Basis Information[]

Race:Dwarf and High Elf heritage



Title:"Beararrow" by his Wildhammer kin

Physical Description[]

Baimborn is burly as a Dwarf and elegant as a High Elf, as he is part Dwarf and High Elf, he looks like an average dwarf except he has faintly glowing eyes, a smaller noise, taller, leaner, and if you real closely you can see the tips of his ears popping out of his long hair.

  • Garments/Armor: Baimborn wears a mixure of High Elven and Willdhammer leathers, has two axes and a bow that was his mother's
  • Other: Baimborn has some Wildhammer tatoos on his chest and back which some what looks like a bear or an arrow, could be both.


Baimborn is a free spirt and has a good heart, but he can be rash to go into battle and is quick to temper.


unknown except he was born in the Hinterlands