Baeton Maernus Varr
Sir Baeton Varr
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Baeton
Faction Alliance
Race Human
Gender Male
Class Paladin
Guild Crusaders of the Realm
Professions Grand Master Armorsmith
IC Info
Nicknames Bae or "B"
Title Knight of the Silver Hand
Age Late 20's
Height 7'2"
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Skin Caucasian
Alignment Chaotic Good

Physical DescriptionEdit

Baeton is Big, that is the first thing anyone notices about him. Standing heads over most humans and built like a mountain. chiseled features tell of a life in service to the light. And his clear green eyes project a inner peace that only battle worn veterans or pious men of faith keep. Baeton's voice is a quiet thunder, a calm before the storm. In battle, it's a mighty blast of battle, of faith, and the light.

Personality & HistoryEdit

Baeton was raised by the Church of the Light, specifically a Group of Paladins who would later become part of the Scarlet Crusade. It was under their tutelage that Baeton learned to be a paladin. Under their watchful eyes his hatred and zealotry grew to the point he was granted a title, that of "Scarlet Vindicator Maernus." It wasn't until he was ordered to destroy a group of Thallasian Refugees that he doubted his path. Turning his weapons on his former Scarlets he lead the caravan away. He spent the night under the mooncast shadow of Uther's Tomb a Night that changed his life.

Baeton has changed greatly since the night in Uther's Tomb. Anger and Hate have been replaced with Piety and Calm. Baeton is first to talk, then to act and finally to fight. While Eschewing combat at all costs Baeton's herculean size and strength make him a fierce opponent especially when defending his friends and comrades. He holds true to the Tenats of the Light and the Old Code of the Silver Hand. Especially believing in the saying "No One Being is Beyond Redemption." Much to the dislike of his fellow paladins, he is a supporter of capturing King Arthas in hopes of his Redemption.


Baeton is the Youngest of Three Siblings

Grey Varr: Farmer : Father : Deceased

Marrin Varr: Black Smith: Mother: Deceased

Kayden Adaeluis Varr: Arch-mage of the Kirin Tor: Older Brother : Deceased

Kattherine Trinetaus Varr: Master Demonoligist : Older Sister : Alive

Quote's and SayingsEdit

"No One Being is Beyond Redemption"

"Trust in the Light, Faith will show you the path"

"I'm a Paladin, not a Saint"

"Woe be those who stand against Paladins"

"These people are under my protection, and that of the Holy Light, to challenge them is to challenge me, and every paladin in existence."

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