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Aul'Tena Sephimiri
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Aultena
Faction Alliance
Race Night Elf
Gender Female
Class Hunter
Guild Eviction Notice
Professions ► Dragonscale Leatherworking (390) ► Inscription (355)
IC Info
Nicknames 'Tena, Ault
Title Woodland Survivor
Age 30-ish (human years)
Height 6'5"
Hair Frost White
Eyes Luminous Grey
Skin Dusky Rose
Alignment Lawful Neutral


Physical Attributes[]

Aul'Tena is relatively tall, standing at 6'5", though her body is very wiry. She is well-muscled and her arms especially bear scars from the numerous fights she's had with animals in the wild. Her frost white hair is short, and somewhat wildly unkempt, oftentimes woven with feathers or even a flower or two when she's feeling festive.

The tribal markings on her face do not readily mark her as being part of any particular group. In fact, upon close inspection, most Kal'dorei would believe that the markings were self-made.


Aul'Tena does not much care for personal appearance, meaning she wears what is practical for herself. She admires "fine ladies" who dress extravagantly, but prefers to wear what is both comfortable and "safe". Oftentimes, she will visit town still dressed in her armor, seeing no definable reason to change.

Rarely, she can be coaxed into some softer leathers and even the occasional dress, but those are few and far between.


Seemingly a wild-child, 'Tena is almost animalistically skittish around large groups of people. More often than not, she seeks the company of perhaps one or two friends at a time. When subjected to larger groups, she tends to be shy and speak only when spoken to, even appearing somewhat self-conscious about her appearance. Upon first-meeting, 'Tena seems to trust others very little, at least until they are subjected to a thorough inspection by her wolf-companion, Greywind. Should Greywind accept an individual, 'Tena will be more at ease, but upon any sign of rejection by the wolf, 'Tena will shy away and oftentimes make an excuse to leave.


Note: Currently a work-in-progress, please bear with me. ^_^

Very little is known about Aul'Tena, upon any prying into her past, it is known that her parents were devout Priests of Elune. They had left with their young daughter on a pilgrimage to visit the numerous ancient shrines existing in Azeroth. It was on that pilgrimage that they were ambushed by a marauding band of orcs; her parents were slain and Aul'Tena took flight into the forest.

From that point, it can only be surmised that Aul'Tena survived off the wilds. When questioned about how she grew up, she simply states, "Greywind took care of me." According to Aul'Tena herself, the wolf has been her constant companion for centuries, far out-living any normal wolf.


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Friends & Associates[]

  • She is never without her loyal black worg, Greywind. (Other pets are a good indicator she is Out of Character.)
  • She is sometimes seen in the company of Ohuxael Whiteclaw.

Other Friendships/Acquaintances of Note[]

  • Aul'Tena tends to shy away from large groups and seems uncomfortable in the city, so she does not make friends easily.