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Aspect of the Pack

- by Naiama

The sun, the orb that ruled over the dry golden savannah, beat down upon their heads as they emerged from the ship. The maze of docks contained all sorts of vessels, Horde suppliers to human merchants. Goblins with bored expressions tapped their beatsticks and glared around the port in their black leather and mail armor, calculating their salaries and reminding themselves it was worth the heat.

Two figures, one little and one tall, stood before the messy posters slapped to the wall next to the bank's window.

“We shouldn't stay here long,” the young human said warily as he looked over the vague representation of himself on a torn piece of parchment on the wall. There was a long number with many zeros underneath the dark, rough sketch. He turned away and put his feet toward the path that led away from Ratchet, his burnt-orange rattails swaying behind him. “Wait,” the Kaldorei with sapphire hair shot out a hand covered in a leather glove. Grabbing the short man by his shoulder, the elf turned him around and met his green eyes.

In that moment, a surging adrenaline began to build up in her body. She envisioned the feline, so thin and so nimble in the grasslands. Her lavender face grew into a snarl. The adrenaline rose from the pit of her stomach, up through her ribcage where her heart beat loudly and rhythmically, to her throat. A rumbling grew until she emitted a low growl from deep within.

The elf dropped her hand from the man's shoulder and sped up the stone path in a sprint.

“H-hey!” he called after her, his own heart thumping faster in his chest.