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In-Game: Ashaya, 'Shaya, Shaishai


Race: Troll of the Darkspear Tribe

Class: Mage

Professions: Herbalism, Alchemy

Age: 35

Sex: F

Hair: Red with golden highlights

Eyes: Gold

Weight: 175 lbs.

Height 6' 11


Ashaya is not much concerned with her appearance. She tends to dress simply in plain robes of blue or brown. She always wears her hair braided, for practical reasons: it stays out of her face and her experiments that way.


Ashaya is a scientist and has studied with an elite academy of mages since she was very young. Her studies focus on the Nether and the creatures that live and travel within it, but all forms of life and energies fascinate her. She is very curious, and a conversation with her usually involves her asking a lot of questions. She loves her husband, Iakona, deeply and is grateful to have him for a companion.


Ashaya grew up along the coast of Durotar, near Sen'jin. She was only six years old when her grandfather, an accomplished mage, noticed her budding talent for elemental magic and took her with him to an academy of mages little spoken-of in Azeroth: Netherwind Academy. The school existed within the Twisting Nether, protected by energy shields similar to the one surrounding Dalaran, and its purpose was the study of the Nether's creatures and energies. There Ashaya learned not only principles of magic, but also of experiment and inquiry, and found her true calling as a scientist.

Her work involved travel back and forth between the lands of Azeroth and the Academy, and it was on a trip home to see her family that she met the love of her life, Iakona. They soon became inseparable, and not long after, she and Iakona were married by Ruarc in a simple ceremony atop the Twin Colossals in Feralas.

She has officially completed her magical studies, and now spends most of her time exploring the lands of Azeroth, cataloging and collecting herbs and studying them for their medicinal or magical properties. Recently she finally realized her dream of becoming a wolfrider when she earned the loyalty of her war wolf, Aroo.