Asator PvP
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Asator
Faction Alliance
Race Draenei
Gender Male
Class Shaman
Guild Sons of Avatar
Professions Jewelcrafting and Enchanting
IC Info
Nicknames Asa
Title Farseer
Age 25,000+ (Survivor of Argus)
Height 7'8"
Hair Brown
Eyes Glowing Blue
Skin Blue

Physical DescriptionEdit

Tall and muscular like most Draenei males, Asator generally maintains a pleasant and warm appearance. His hair is always pulled back into a braid capped by an impressive bladed ornament when his head is not covered. He is quite conscientious of his appearance, particularly paying special attention to his hooves, hands, tail and teeth as those areas are among the first to degrade as fel corruption turns a Draenei into a Broken.

He generally appears fit and healthy, but at times goes into terrible coughing fits and his joints are sometimes terribly arthritic as a result of his light exposure to the corrupting red mist during the Battle of Shattrath. He uses his affinity with the elements to strengthen himself against these afflictions both to ease the symptoms and to maintain a strong and healthy image.

He is rarely found without his battle gear on, as he can never quite accept the safety of his surroundings after 25,000 years of running from the Legion. Lately this often includes keeping his face covered wish a mask in addition to his Shaman's faceplate, as he does not want any deterioration to be noticed, should it happen. He wears armor of both Trollish and Draenei designs depending on the duties he his preforming.


Asator is a kind individual, who often expresses a paternal caring for those he is close to, especially Gnomes and Humans. He views himself as a guardian, and is quick to take action to protect others or put himself in harm's way. He is particularly quick to take action against Blood Elves and Orcs. He accepts a great number of these races as fundamentally good, and does not assume that random Orc or Elf will be an enemy, but he shows no hesitation to strike them down if they show themselves to be hostile.

In peaceful situations, Asator is quite jovial and optimistic, though his paternal nature causes him to often serve as someone whom friends can reveal their worries to. He likes to listen to people's concerns and problems and always tries to give them counsel.


((Yet to come when I have time.))

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