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The Arctic Wolves

Guild Leader(s): (tribunal) Silencero, Maveryk, Furstar

Guild Website:

Contact: or Silencero, Maveryk, or Roseymarie

Recruiting Status: OPEN - Newbie Friendly (will train if necessary)


RP events such as joke night and fishing contests to name a couple. We hope to develop the strengths of our guild so that we may one day be able to do end-game raids.

Other Info:[]

There is too much info actually. Visit the website for all of it. Also, each main character will have a page tailored to their character.

The Forming of the Wolves[]

A chill wind blew inland from the waters of Menethil Bay. Yasic continued his lecture on the stone disks in Uldamann, attempting to explain their import to Velton. Velton nodded slightly, listening closely over the noise of the nearby mechanial bellows.

"Do you not understand, brother, what is at stake?" Yasic implored of his brother druid. "We have an opportunity to not only discover history once thought lost, but to take action to ensure it is preserved for those who follow us. Is it not worth the risk?"

Velton stroked his beard thoughtfully, "Certainly, brother, it is so. When put like that, one can hardly make argument otherwise."

"Besides," Whisperia chimed in with a grin, "I'm sure we'll find a few prizes along the way..."

So it was the night that Carpe Lucida was formed. The expedition to Uldamann was not as successful as we had hoped it would be. We knew, coming out of it, that we needed to find other like-minded individuals with unparalleled curiousity, grit, and determination to explore with us the forgotten depths of Azeroth.

We would form a guild, then, of these explorers, historians, and treasure-seekers. Together, we would uncover the arcana and lore of long ago. If we were to find a little extra coin in the process, all the better.