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Arcane Explosion

- by Kurimatsu

I can still remember the moment I read the last word of the Tome of Zarizan. The indescribable feeling of the arcane energies rushing through me, the complete and total soul-wrenching pain, the sound of wood splintering, the peaceful abyss that followed.

I can still remember waking up, the village decimated. Huts flung out into the trees, beyond sight. Rubble everywhere. Corpses littered across the landscape, pieces of corpses even further. Myself and the Tome the only things still intact. I remember the terror, the guilt, but most of all I remember the thrill.

I can never read the entire book again. It would cause untold chaos at my current strength.

But each word adds strength to the spell.

Every time I invoke the last phrase of the spell, I cause a weaker version of the spell that destroyed my village.

Every time I speak the last words of the Tome of Zarizan, I cause an Arcane Explosion.

May the spirits have mercy on my soul.