Apology from Lemming Juice by Melatha

-by Melatha

It deeply saddens me to bring this news to the server, but I have to get it off my chest so I can move on. All guilds have bad days, and Lemming Juice has sunk to a new low.

Having been invited to an AQ 20 raid that fell apart due to insufficient numbers, on the spur of the moment, I yelled, "The LAST melon!" into Guild Chat.

After everyone finished comparing Lemmings to the Dodo birds in Ice Age for a while, they showed up in droves to The Badlands. Some frantic instructions from an agitated dwarf (sorry about yer pet), led us to Silithus and finally to AQ 20.

We had every intention of wiping the raid, but we completely messed it up (everyone has an off night, I suppose it's expected). Our mages kept losing agro to the warriors, the room full of a thousand monkeys that run our paladins cast these things on us called "buffs" and our priests accidentally cast a few spells called "heals" on the raid members... Yup, it was a disaster. Did you know that hunters can shoot things... from a distance? Horrible I tell ya.

Being denied our wipe practice on the trash mobs, we came across a huge earwig a couple rooms in named Kirinurimonoxodil. This bug is as big as its name and almost as frightening to behold as Kopfjagger (true story).

Hope at last! There was no way Lemmings could avoid a wipe on such a monstrosity, so we charged headlong into battle. Alas, as you may suspect by now, we accidentally slayed the beast. It was such a terrible display of Lemmingness that it disheartens me to inform you that not a single Lemming perished in this, our very first encounter in AQ 20.

We appologize to the server for betraying your trust and confidence.
We hope that you will not hold this against us for too long.
We will work to restore your confidence in our poor performance.

Please Feed the Lemmings!