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Annianka Forester
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Annianka
Faction Alliance
Race Human
Gender Female
Class Priest
IC Info
Nicknames Anni, Annie
Breed High Elf - Human
Age 39
Height 5'2"
Hair Red
Eyes Amber
Occupations Bookbinder, healer
Alignment Neutral


Sacrifices have been made, battles fought and won. She may have slipped a bit, or so she will tell you, yet in the end she choose to keep her promises and given up her demons and Fell magic. She now follows the Light...mostly.


She is a lot more hesitant now, laughs less and spends more time alone than she ever did as a Warlock. She'll offer a faint smile and the Lights blessing to those that ask yet over all she remains distant.


  • She can usually be found reading or fishing alone.
  • Annie has an irrational fear of mechanical chickens.
  • If anyone spends some time with her, they will realize that she is extremely klutzy, often tripping/falling over and occasionally mispronouncing spells when flustered.


Dannuta Forester - Mother, deceased.
Avaros Mua’Zathra - Father, deceased.
Jeva Forester - Half-sister, missing in Duskwood.
Ruthger Forester - Step-father, deceased.