((This page serves as Amyssia's journal from the day she started to live a life of travel with her twin brother up to current events. Until I cna figure out a current timeline that the server is following, the journal dates will be unmarked.))

Opening entry[edit | edit source]

Dear journal,

Here it is. Day one on my traveling days. Leaving from the Exodar to explore the world with my brother... It's kind of frightening but with my brother at my back, there won't be anything we can't do.

Today we stepped of the night elven vessel and onto the damp docks of Auberdine in Darkshore. It is intimidating to leave what we've known and venture out into the unknown like initiates fresh from the training halls. We'll do what we can for the inhabitants of this settlement and slowly move onto more challenges.

On another note, Zonthane keeps a close eye out for any and all that would do us harm in these wilds. Aside from nightsabres, bears, among other things as well, I've noticed that Zonthane is also watching out for the Horde. I can see the vengeful intent in his eyes which honestly scares me. The fact he wants to willingly seek out the Horde while I want to accept them and form good relations with them will undermine my intentions. I pray to the Light and the Naaru that they will enlighten him and sway him away from this path for it has, and always will, lead to self-destruction.

Day two[edit | edit source]

Dear journal,

The day's tasks make me weary but I still press on. In our adventures today we came across a lone Horde. It was a male troll whose manners made me smile to see that what I was hoping for in the Horde was true. Zonthane, on the other hand, made my smile dissappear as he picked a fight with the troll. If I hadn't intervened there would've been blood spilt and the wrath of this troll's family upon my brother. I apologized to the troll whom seem to understand what I was saying. We parted ways with a bow and a nod but the mood for the rest of the day was soured at best. Zonthane really needs to let this grudge go before it kills him. Losing mother and father was bad enough. But losing my brother, my only surviving family, would devastate me.

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