By Vonnacht

Gunshots echoed across the plains. creating a staccato beat as round after round slammed home. The wooden target splintered and cracked as round after round slammed into it. His magazine empty, Von strode forward and inspected his aim.

The slugs had buried themselves quite deeply into the ruin behind the target. The khorium jacketed rounds were Consortium engineered, and Von hoped to bring them back to Azeroth, but first a field test was in order...

Von laid his rifle against the wall and unslung the massive axe from across his shoulders. The heavy blade swung round and round as the Elf practiced. Hacking, parrying, chopping, Von worked.

Some time later, he finally stopped, sweat pouring off him. Von dropped the axe to the ground and began pulling off pieces of armor, finally jumping into the nearby lake to cool off. He sank.

And in this complete silence, this utter darkness, Von closed his eyes and relaxed, floating towards the surface. As he breached the surface, he heard the voices.

A pair of murkblood had stumbled onto his camp, One of them was holding his gun in its hand. They locked eyes, and the broken raised the rifle.

Von acted faster, managing to throw his dagger before the trigger was pulled. The blade buried itself in the murkblood's throat. Von burst out of the water as the surviving broken picked up the rifle. Von knocked the barrel upwards, the Murkblood's shot travelling harmlessly upwards. Von wrenched the gun away as he kicked out at the survivors ribs.

The broken doubled over as Von spun the rifle around in his hands, pressing the barrel against its skull. Wordlessly, he pulled the trigger, spraying brain and skull over the grass. Retrieving his axe and dressing, he began striding towards Telaar.

The bullets would sell, he thought, but first he'd need them to deal with a certain druid...

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