Amenia Tir'ir
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Amenia Tir'ir
Faction Alliance
Race Human
Gender Female
Class Mage
Guild Guildless
Professions Enchanting, Tailoring
IC Info
Nicknames Ami, Menny
Title Archmagi, Judge (Formerly)
Age 26
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Alignment Neutral Good

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

Amenia is an average human in terms of appearance. She has piercings and rings on her ears and one on her nose. Each have a gem on them that contain a Mana Gem which she fills on will. She has completely white hair due to it having no pigment. She is not able to dye her hair a color because without pigment there is nothing to stain. She lately has been growing her hair out long and it is reaching just down to the middle of her back. She can often be found wearing robes in which are exotic or very grand. She tries to look her best and seems very neat.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Amenia is somewhat of a closed book. One of her mottos is "Just because I am depressed doesn't mean I have to express it and share it." This often makes Amenia play the mask game.

Overall information: Amenia is a very intelligent woman who has done extensive research and is not afraid to show off her knowledge. She always like to feel she is cared about. One of her most terrifying thoughts is that to be alone. Amenia is a woman of integrity and will not be pushed around by people without giving a push back. Amenia loves and cares for her friends because it is all that she has at this point. She is well mannered and will always give people respect.

"You have to give respect to get respect. The issue is that everyone goes by this phrase. Thus no respect is given in either case and no respect is going around. That is why I will respect people even if they do not deserve it." -Amenia Tir'ir

Good Mask: In times of trouble when she is feeling glum or depressed she will normally fidget or eye around the room. She will pay especially hard attention to how her manners are and will show signs of excessive stress. At times she will break down though you would have to catch her by surprise. When she has her mask on she will often be working to try and keep her mind off things and stay busy.

Normal Mask: She will be out right sad and glum. Often trying to stay away from other people except for a few select. She will often go home near the falls and her camp sight or in one of her favorite spots to think. She appreciates her friends trying to comfort her and will not turn them away if they are concerned for her.

History[edit | edit source]

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