Earthen Ring Wiki

Basic Information[]

  • Name: Amarysse (rhymes with "geese")
  • Gender: Female
  • Guild: Attorney at Law
  • Faction: Alliance

  • Title: Pearl of Great Price, Mathematical Mystery Cruise
  • Nicknames: She will answer to nothing shorter than Amary.
  • Class: Priestess
  • Race: Night Elf

  • Height: 6'3".
  • Weight: 155lb
  • Hair: Long, straight, violet, at times adorned with a simple lily.
  • Eyes: Silver.

  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Professions: Inscriptosaur, tailor.
  • Garments: She will wear anything as long as it fits two criteria: Comfortable, and flattering - as she is good-looking, and knows it. She is attentive to looking kempt and clean, but avoids the overly ostentatious.

Physical Description[]

Amarysse is pretty and poised. Her gait is light; she could easily be a vague substance flowing airily through the universe.


Despite growing in an environment with little need for formalities, Amarysse seems to exude a natural and pristine social grace. It is impossible to surmise just what words and actions she deems unjust or obscene - as her tolerance level is remarkably high. Her serene expression rarely betrays the eye of criticism that she often turns to the melodramatic, brazen, and unreasonable.

She appears to enjoy the more bizzare events and characters that color her world... but she'll make it known with nothing more than a polite chuckle. Regardless of her true feelings, in social gatherings she prefers tact in favor of sarcasm.

Amarysse is not shy, just impossibly stable. She rarely speaks unless spoken to.


Left a solitary wanderer of the Stormwind streets after her Guardian's abandonment, Amarysse is learning to clamber out of her shell a little and put her self-sustaining nature to some kind of use.

The urban capitalistic machine has not been friendly to her complexion. Recently, she has been looking thin and sallow.