Alopex the Pale Fox

Alopex is tall, lanky, and pale for one of his kin, possessed of what could be called boyish good looks. his long, fine hair is typically braided and tied off with a scrap of scarlet ribbon threaded through a gold coin. His gait is bouncy and swaggering, his movements and gestures expansive. He tends to wear his heart on his sleeve, and as such his feelings are rarely difficult to discern. He dresses flamboyantly, though he chooses colors that dull to shades of gray when he's in the shadows. He is rarely seen without an immense wicker haversack strapped to his back. An array of weapons, tools, and musical instruments dangle from leather loops affixed to the pack, most all adorned with bright ribbons and sashes. His belt is likewise laden with pouches and devices. He moves easily and surprisingly quietly in spite of its bulk.

Basic Information Edit

Name: Alopex
Guild: The Jesters
Nicknames: Lo'pee, Al, Alo, 'Pexie, a vast array of aliases
Occupation: Co-manager of the Laughing Jester, Explorer, Merchant, Tinkerer, Field medic
Race: Human(Romani)
Age: 24
Class: Rogue
Sex: Male
Eye Color: Blue/Grey
Hair: Sandy Blond
Height: 6' 2"
Weight:176 lbs.


Alopex is one of the Romani people, also known as Gypsies. He embraces his people's love of celebration, of mischief, and of commerce. Ruled mostly by impulse and passion, Alopex has a habit of diving into things headlong without a lot of forethought, relying on his wits and his reflexes to carry him where others plan. He's fiercely loyal to his friends and merciless to people he doesn't like, whether that be merciless teasing or a savage beating. Possessed of a Hero's resolve and a Spineless Coward's sense of self-preservation, Alo either wins fights or plays dead until he gets a chance to skitter away and lick his wounds.

Something of a Jack-of-all-trades, Alo has dabbled in most professional callings, but his love of all things mechanical brings engineering to the forefront. He loves crafting handy little items that can be called on in emergencies, though he is also fascinated by the engineer's ability to improve upon mundane devices. He's built a pumping system for the Jester, as well as a refrigeration unit to keep the tavern's provisions fresh and it's stock of ale cold.

Despite being a bit of a rake, Alo has opted to tie the knot with Sonnakai, a Romni from Silverpine who has neatly stolen his heart. While his heart is securely set, Alo has a weakness for a pretty face that has made a fool of him before.